SW Visions SPRL is a private limited liability company based in Brussels, established by Nathalie Seutin and Martin Watson in 2011.

Nathalie Seutin

Partner & Teacher

Nathalie is a qualified teacher and communicator with over fifteen years international experience. Nathalie has been responsible for public affairs and outreach at the European Commission and Brussels Tourism & Information Office and has also pursued a career as a teacher and education consultant for a number of public and private international schools. Nathalie’s career has been based in Brussels, London and Geneva and includes consultancy work in Honduras and Nepal.

Nathalie delivers coaching and event services for SW Visions in English, French (mother tongue) and Spanish. She graduated in Relations publiques from the Institut Haulot in Belgium and has a Bachelor in Education from Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

Martin Watson

Partner & Moderator

Martin is a professional communicator with over twenty years experience of advising clients and representing organisations in public affairs. Martin has worked for the European Commission, international non-governmental organisations and private companies with responsibility for public diplomacy, advocacy, lobbying and corporate communications. Martin’s career has been based in Brussels, Geneva, London and Vienna with frequent travel and work in sub-Saharan Africa, North America and Asia.

Martin delivers coaching and event services for SW Visions in English (mother tongue), French and German. He studied social sciences with degrees from Nottingham University in the United Kingdom, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium and the Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany.